Dan Rhema Art in the News


On Health & Healing, Angela Levesque
Dare To Dream, Debbi Dachinger
The Partnership of Intuition and Dreams, Dr. Marcia Emery
People of Distinction, Al Cole
Out of Body Experience, Ken Bossone
Voices from the North, with John Haines (New Zealand)
Never Say Impossible, with Myra Goldick
The Best People We Know, with Deb Scott
Journey for Truth, with Tami Urbanek


Personal Best, Kristin Tews, WKRS 1220am Chicago
The Spiritual Doorway In The Brain, Doug Proffitt, WHAS 11
Art and Creativity, Dr. Desiree Cox (Scotland)
Planetary Spirit, Jeff Ferrannini
Tuesdays With Maureen: Tales from the Search for True Self
Rewiring the Brain, Dr. Rose
Question Reality, Priscilla Leona
Health, Hope and Healing, Cynthia Brennen
The Wise Counsel, Dr. David Van Nuys
Expanding Mind, Erik Davis


I Close My Eyes to See, Front Row Monthly Magazine
The Man Who Saw the Spirits, Expressionist Magazine
I Close My Eyes to See, From the Inside Out Magazine
Memory Loss Leads to Artistic Triumph, Forbes.com


A Newfound Creativity, Leo Magazine
I Close My Eyes to See: The Dan Rhema Story: As Told to Kevin Wilson, Altered Vision Arts, LLC
Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story, P.M.H. Atwater

For current gallery art list or to purchase art, please contact Dan Rhema.

212 W. Ormsby Ave.
Louisville, KY 40203
Phone: 502-635-2457