I Close My Eyes to See

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Every so often a book comes along that defies easy categorization.

Part travelogue, part art book, part dream journal, part memoir—I Close My Eyes to See is the story of Dan Rhema’s extraordinary journey from near death to new life.

Praise for I Close My Eyes to See

Death’s pathway led him to worlds beyond this one, opening up realities quite impossible to describe.

It’s almost as if your heart can “taste” what he is saying

— P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., author of Near-Death Experiences:  The Rest of The Story, and The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences


… in an attempt to explain — to himself and others — what had happened to him. It turned out art was his language as well as his healer.

— Jo Anne Triplett, LEO Magazine


This book is a real gift, unique and hard-won, that floats between reality and unreality; that celebrates the mystery of the future and the divinity of the present.

— Joy Corcoran, Chronically Inspired


Dan’s narrative is his art, spanning earth fire to infinite stars, mothers and fathers to searchers and beasts, light awaiting, light beyond.

His art — his story — ought to be seen. Heard. Experienced.

— Mark Shepherd, Santa Monica
Senior lecturer, University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television


… as classic as a cave painting and as hip as the found objects that he assembles into magnificent images.

— Michael Blowen, former film critic for the Boston Globe


Words seem so inadequate when it comes to describing the emotions that are stirred in viewing these works…

Marybeth Orton, MA, ATR-BC, LPAT Licensed Professional Art Therapist


… through words and art, Dan’s struggle is felt deeply and is clearly a genuine self-exploration. One does not come across such authentic pieces of art often…

— Liz Beck, Art Therapy Blog


… a tale for our times as wondrous as it is utterly terrifying.

— Joe Henry, singer-songwriter and Grammy winning music producer.


This is the impact Dan Rhema creates through his beautiful artwork that sends you into the spiritual world of infinity.

… look into the “eye” of every photo, it will take you to a place that reaches your own inner soul and beyond…

— Cindy Brennen, radio host of Help, Hope & Healing


Through his art, Dan succeeds in conveying the essence of his experience which words are inadequate to describe.

… it seems that Dan has tapped into the collective unconscious and brought his experience to life through his art.

— Dr. Penny Sartori, PHD, RGN, Near-death experience researcher


Dan’s art leaps off the page as “soul speak” to the limbic system, communicating with the part of our primitive brain that understands in feelings and not with words.

His story powerfully illustrates the Message of Creation from a thousand lifetimes.

— Marci Ann Calantonio, Interior decorator, visionary


[Dan’s] art is primal.

Viewers of his art, however, see their own faith reflected in it, whatever that faith may be. His work seems to transcend the barriers among religions.

— Valerie Hadden, Boston Pagan Examiner