Picture Books

Bluegrass Breeze


Born to be a thoroughbred and race in the Derby, Bluegrass Breeze is a special horse who dreamed of catching the wind. In this touching tale, Dan Rhema’s lyrical storytelling explores the magic between horse and wind, journey and life, while Michael Leonard’s sweeping pastel paintings set the story in a timeless landscape.

The children’s picture book is packaged with a compact disc containing an original song titled Bluegrass Breeze with words and music by Louisvillians Doris Nance, Jim Peterson Schmitt and Dan Rhema. The featured vocalist is Dani McCulloch, an exciting and dynamic sixteen-year-old singer and songwriter from Collierville, Tennessee.

ISBN 0-9729835-1-1

One Tiny Twig


Emily Twig’s fourteenth birthday party is about to make 
history – family history, that is.  The gift of a Twig family heirloom leads Emily and her grandfather on a quest to solve a mystery in the Twig family history.  From the cemetery to the courthouse to Ellis Island, the clues and the excitement mount as Emily unravels the mystery of her great-great-great grandfather Thomas Twigg, the first sheriff of Hickory Springs, Wyoming.  With each new discovery, Emily adds to her family line until, in the end, she gathers more than enough Twigs to make a fine family tree!

Free curriculum guide available

ISBN 0-9729835-0-3

The Day The Animals Lost Their True Colors


A sly green coyote, a bright red pack rat, and a very distinguished but intensely orange javelina are but a few of the rainbow-hued characters roaming the Sonoran Desert on the last day of the summer monsoon season.  Coyote decides to celebrate this magical day by playing a very special trick on his desert companions.

A small pool of cool clear rainwater draws together the characters in THE DAY THE ANIMALS LOST THEIR TRUE COLORS.  Children should be enchanted by this highly visual tale of Coyote’s scheme to find the vainest animal in the desert.

ISBN 0-9709615-0-2