Voodoo Altar

H 21” W 24” D 10”

Wood photo enlarger part, Corpus, Chains, Photograph, Brush, Drawer pulls, Toy car spring, Punch bowl cup hooks, Towel rack end cap, Roller, Lamp parts, Earrings, Key, Buttons, Toy dominoes, Lock, Nails, Doll shoes, Rocks, Post card, Barbecue utensil caps, Candle holders, Brooch, Metal handle, African art, Floor buffer, Flower frog, Spring, Doll figures, Cats eye reflector, Skull, Hand mirror, Spoon, Candle, Medallion, Shells, Music box part, Faucet handle, Doll dress, Toilet lid seat spacer, Dice

I visited a voodoo temple in New Orleans. The force of the visual aspect of the temple affected my dream life for many months.


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